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  • Bubble CGM
  • charging cable
  • 4x4 stickers

Works on all freestyle libre sensors!

BUBBLE smart reader

 Smart Reader for Freestyle Libre

 Bubble works with all types of FreeStyle Libre sensors, it works with FreeStyle Libre US 14 day sensor available in the United States, FreeStyle Libre 2 in Germany and Norway, FreeStyle Libre Pro in the United States, and a few countries in Asia, and FreeStyle Libre sensors.

 Parents of a young child who uses any FreeStyle Libre sensor can use this new Bubble to see his or her glucose readings on the Diabox/Xdrip+ app when the child is away.

 Users can see glucose reading updates every 5 minutes on Android, iPhone, and smartwatches (Apple and Android) and they can get notifications and alarms on their watch or phone. Bubble CGM

About sensors, freestyle libre

Support all Libre sensors.

Works all sensors.

Freestyle Libre

libre sensor


Libre US 14, US 10 

Libre Pro/h


Bubble Sweden Freestyle Libre CGM

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Bubble and Diabox app manual.

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